Specialized Electronic Services

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Circuit Boards of all types • AC Drives Sales • AC Drive Repair • Variable Frequency Drives Sales • DC Drives • Servo Drives • Power Supplies • PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) • Card Access Security Systems • Tension Control Systems • Winder Control Systems • CNC Machine Tool Controls • HVAC Control Systems • Electronic Clutch-Brake Modules • Air Ionizers • Timers • Counters • Encoders • Lasers and Laser Systems • VFD units • Spindle Drives.

Quality Repairs: Our electronic technicians and engineers are fully trained to use the latest technology to test and repair your AC Drives or other electronic equipment. We have the capability to repair your circuit boards down to component level. We have the capability to load test your drives and VFD’s up to 100 horsepower and your power supplies to 200 amps in our custom-built load bank room. Larger drives and equipment can be load simulated. Specialized Electronic Services offers a 6 month warranty from the date of installation on most repaired items.

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