Specialized Electronics Services

2015.02.14 Repair Tips and Ideas

When our engineers and technicians are working on a repair in the field on any form of industrial electronic equipment there is a general rule we follow. Whenever possible fix only one problem and one section at a time. That way if a new problem is introduced you know when and where it happened. We have seen many technicians work on more then one area and make several changes and then when they bring up their machine a new and more menacing problem has occurred. When you make only one change at a time if a new problem occurs you know where to find the problem. If you try to reinvent the wheel all at once you may have a very hard time finding the problem. By working on a problem this way you go through the machine step by step making sure to catch any secondary problem as well saving the customer from additional down time. This plan of attack usually saves the customer additional downtime. We also offer phone support to existing customers and will try to step you through your industrial electronic problem one fix at a time as well.