ABB AC Drive Sales – AC Drive Repair

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At Specialized Electronic Services, we are one of the largest ABB Service and Warranty Centers in the Texas, Oklahoma area, and we are experts in ABB AC and DC Drive repair. We can sell, service, and repair the entire ABB AC drive and DC drive product line. We have extensive design and start-up experience with all ABB products. We also have factory trained and certified repair technicians and engineers at Specialized Electronics. Whatever your needs may be with ABB equipment, we have the solution for you. We have had seven training classes at the ABB factory on repairing and start up procedures for their product lines.

Below is a partial list of the ABB Industrial AC drive units we have worked on and sold. At Specialized Electronics we have sold and repaired many of the ABB DC drive products as well. We are constantly working with the ABB Factory in Milwaukee Wisconsin to insure our technicians and programmers are well versed in all ABB products. Be sure to contact us for any application, sales or service questions you may have. We have ABB AC drives for sale so call us to compare pricing if you feel you have been paying too much for your ABB AC and DC drives. We even work on the ABB DC drive private labeled by Saftronics. We may have an ABB ac drives manual, or an ABB ac drives technical handbook, or an
ABB ac drives technical guide book. Call us today! You can reach our sales department at 1-800-681-7374.

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-04A6-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-06A6-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-07A5-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-012A-2

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-017A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-024A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-031A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-046A-2

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-059A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-075A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-088A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-114A-2

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-143A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-178A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-221A-2 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-248A-2

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-03A3-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-04A1-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-06A9-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-08A8-4

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-012A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-015A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-023A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-031A-4

ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-038A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-045A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-059A-4 • ABB ac drive ACS550-U1-072A-4

ACS550-U1-078A-4 • ACS550-U1-097A-4 • ACS550-U1-125A-4 • ACS550-U1-157A-4

ACS550-U1-180A-4 • ACS550-U2-196A-4 • ACS550-U2-245A-4 • ACS550-U2-316A-4

ACS550-U2-368A-4 • ACS550-U2-414A-4 • ACS550-U2-486A-4 • ACS550-U2-526A-4

ACS550-U2-602A-4 • ACS550-U2-645A-4 • ACS550-U1-02A7-6 • ACS550-U1-03A9-6

ACS550-U1-06A1-6 • ACS550-U1-09A0-6 • ACS550-U1-011A-6 • ACS550-U1-017A-6

ACS550-U1-022A-6 • ACS550-U1-027A-6 • ACS550-U1-032A-6 • ACS550-U1-041A-6

ACS550-U1-062A-6 • ACS550-U1-077A-6 • ACS550-U1-099A-6 • ACS550-U1-125A-6


ACS800-17-0100-5 • ACS800-17-0140-5 • ACS800-17-0215-5 • ACS800-17-0255-5

ACS800-17-0325-5 • ACS800-17-0395-5 • ACS800-17-0495-5 • ACS800-17-0770-5

ACS800-17-0935-5 • ACS800-17-1090-5 • ACS800-17-1385-5 • ACS800-U4-0170-5

ACS800-U4-0210-5 • ACS800-U4-0260-5 • ACS800-U4-0300-5 • ACS800-U4-0320-5

ACS800-U4-0400-5 • ACS800-U4-0440-5 • ACS800-U4-0490-5 • ACS800-U4-0550-5

ACS800-U4-0610-5 • ACS800-U1-0001-2 • ACS800-U1-0002-2 • ACS800-U1-0003-2

ACS800-U1-0004-2 • ACS800-U1-0006-2 • ACS800-U1-0009-2 • ACS800-U1-0011-2

ACS800-U1-0016-2 • ACS800-U1-0020-2 • ACS800-U1-0025-2 • ACS800-U1-0030-2

ACS800-U1-0040-2 • ACS800-U1-0050-2 • ACS800-U1-0060-2 • ACS800-U1-0070-2


ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0004-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0005-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0006-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0009-5

ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0011-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0016-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0020-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0025-5

ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0030-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0040-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0050-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0060-5

ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0070-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0100-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0120-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0140-5

ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0170-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0210-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0260-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0270-5

ACS800-U1-0300-5 • ACS800-U1-0320-5 • ACS800-U1-0400-5 • ACS800-U1-0440-5

ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0490-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0550-5 • ABB ac drive ACS800-U1-0610-5 • All ABB ac drives repair and service.

At Specialized Electronics we sell and repair many ABB AC drives and DC drives as well as many of their Industrial Electronic components and equipment that are not listed above. Call us today for any ABB issue or questions you have even if you do not see your part number listed above. We repair and sell ABB circuit boards as well.