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At Specialized Electronic Services, we are one of the largest Square D Service and Warranty Centers in the Southern U.S., and we are experts in Square D Drive repair. We can sell, service, and repair the entire Square D product line. We have extensive design and start-up experience with all Square D products. Specialized Electronic Services has factory authorized and trained field technicians and engineers that can work on your Square D AC drives at your facility be it for a start up or troubleshooting or retrofitting an obsolete AC drive with a current version. We are able to work with many distributors of Square D drives so even if you purchase a drive from somebody other then us we can still offer you a factory authorized start up if your distributor does not have a trained filed service technician on staff.

Below is a partial list of the Square D Altivar units we have worked on. The Square D AC drives listed below are obsolete. We have the ability to fix them in many cases still and if they are not fixable we can retrofit your obsolete unit with the current modern equivalent unit. We are constantly working with the Square D Factory to insure our technicians and programmers are well versed in the newest Square D products. Be sure to contact us for any application, sales or service questions you may have. We have Square D Altivar AC drive sales often so call us to compare pricing if you feel you have been paying too much. Call and ask for sales for your quote at 1-800-681-7374.

ATV66U54N4U • ATV66U72N4U • ATV66U90N4U • ATV66D12N4U
ATV66D16N4U • ATV66D23N4U • ATV66D33N4U • ATV66D46N4U
ATV66D54N4U • ATV66D64N4U • ATV66D70N4U • ATV66C10N4U

AC Drives for Sale

ATV61HU40N4 • ATV61HU75N4 • ATV61HD15N4 • ATV61HD22N4
ATV61HD55N4 • ATV61HD75N4 • ATV61HC11N4 • ATV71HU22N4
ATV71HU40N4 • ATV71HU75N4 • ATV71HD11N4 • ATV71HD15N4
ATV71HD22N4 • ATV71HD37N4 • ATV71HD55N4 • ATV71HD75N4
ATV71HC11N4 • ATV61HD37N4 • ATV71HU55N4 • VW3A3201 • VW3A3202

Square D NEMA starters for Sale

8536SA012 • 8536SAG12 • 8536SB02 • 8536SBG2 •8536SCA3
8536S03 • 8536SCG3 • 8536SD01 • 8536SDG1 • 8536SEG1
2510K01 • 2510K02 • 2510G2 • 2510MBG2 • 2510MBG3 • 2601AG2

Almost all the Square-D VFD’s and starters listed above are in stock in Dallas Texas ready to ship today. We can help you with which product will work best for you if you are not sure. We have trained technicians that can help with sales on the phone so you can feel confident that you are buying exactly what you need. We will ask you a few questions about your application and then can tell you with Square D product will best work for you. Call and ask for sales to place an order for your Square D AC drive or ask for technical support if you need to cross your obsolete Square D part number to a current model part number at 1-800-681-7374.