GSI 229.226.00 – TS226 Fastblaster Controller Card

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TS226 Fast blaster Controller Card

laser repair, esi laser, gsi laser

laser repair, esi laser, gsi laser

The Fastblaster Processor coordinates the operation of the beam steering galvos,the laser trigger, and the laser attenuator (AOM) as directed by the host computer. The Fastblaster is a high-speed controller, based on the TMS320 Digital Signal Processor chip, and implemented as a two-board set: program and data memory (TS226) and the Multibus I/O (TS227). It operates as a 16-bit Multibus slave, with an additional “mailbox” for messages and status. For block diagrams of the TS226 board, see Figure A-17 through Figure A-22. For block diagrams of the TS227 board, see Figure A-17 and Figure A-23 through Figure A-38.

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