GSI 229.227.02 – TS227 Board

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TS227 Fastblaster Controller Card

GSI 229.227.02 - TS227 Board

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The Fastblaster interface to the Multibus supports 8-bit and 16-bit transfers from a 20-bit memory address and a 16-bit I/O address. The 16k words of program memory and 16k words of data memory are mapped to consecutive 32k byte Multibus sections. 64k byte blocks are jumper-programmed to reside in one of the sixteen 64k segments of the 1M Multibus memory space. Similarly, the I/O page select jumper aligns the Fastblaster I/O ports and registers to one of the sixteen 4k boundaries of the 64k Multibus I/O space. The board control register, mailbox and clear interrupts are located within the selected 4k page boundary.

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