GSI 229.229.00 – TS229, 8085 Board

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TS229 Fastblaster Controller Card

GSI 229.229.00 laser repair

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The TS229 8085 Bus Controller acts as a bridge between the Multibus interface and a second-level 8085 bus. This bus enables an 8085 microcomputer on the card to control other lower-level function cards. The system computer can also control these cards directly from the Multibus. The Intel 8085 CPU uses microcode and flexible interrupts to communicate with lower level functions through its set of I/O cards. These cards plug into specific “half-height” P2 slots (B1-B20) in the backplane. The TS229 board controls the x-y table, PZ5 chuck, pneumatic valves, inkers (used with the probing system), the operator control panel and Hi-Lo lens change motor (older style beam boxes only). The TS229 uses an 8085 microprocessor and a microcode operating system to control and monitor all M310 electromechanical functions, with the exception of beam positioning. The 8085 CPU board contains scratch pad (non-protected) memory, writeprotected memory and memory-mapped I/O, with a flexible interrupt setup.

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