GSI 229.232.00 – TS232 Interconnect Board

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GSI 229.232.00 – TS232 Interconnect Board

GSI 229.232.00 - TS232 Interconnect Board

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TS232 Interconnect Board A cable interconnect board is used to interconnect the forcer assembly to the 8085 control bus in the card cage backplane. This board is identified as the TS232 Interconnect Board in Figure 3-4, on page 3-5 (note connections). The TS232 is not mounted in the card cage. Instead, it is mounted to the upper horizontal bulkhead in the M310 cabinet, providing a pass-through between the upper and lower sections of the M310 cabinet.

The TS232 is accessible from above when the beam box is raised or from the left (card cage) side of the cabinet through an inspection panel located above and to the rear of the card cage. Figure 3- 30 shows the TS232 board as seen through this access panel. The underside of the TS232 card is shown in Figure 3-31 as seen from below. Note that the C3/ C6 connector combination and the BNC connector (C9) are not used in standard systems.

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