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TS277 Step-and-Repeat Table Driver Cards

GSI 229.277.00 - TS277 Board Repair

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TS277 Step-and-Repeat Table Driver Cards The TS277 card generates control signals that are used to position the forcer on the platen. There are two TS277 cards located in the M310 card cage (see Figure 3.4). The TS277 in slot B1 controls the x-axis movement of the forcer. The TS277 card in slot B2 controls the y-axis movement of the forcer. Each TS277 card translates movement requests from the 8085 bus into controls signals that can be recognized by its corresponding forcer driver (DAR) board which is located directly above the TS277 card.

All control signals pass through the backplane. The TS277 generates a sequence of step timing pulses through the CLOCK output line that directs the forcer to move some number of steps along an x- or y-axis. Since each step represents a fixed distance, step spacing determines velocity and acceleration. Another signal (SIGN) specifies forcer direction. A FIFO (first in, first out) buffer holds an entire pulse train so that the pulses can be delivered to the DAR board without interruption.

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